Who We Are

Newco was founded on 4 main principles;
team, communication, relationships, and trust.


Made up of the client, designers, project managers, superintendents and sub-contractors, our dynamic team is what truly sets us apart. The strength of our team is our problem solving skills. Solving problems in a creative manner that can be used to strengthen a project is important and involves every member of the team.


Good communication starts at the top and filters through our organization. It is important that all members of the team have good communication skills and keep everyone who is involved, informed throughout the process. Good verbal and written communication skills show our commitment to our clients and our projects.


Our relationship with our client is the most important factor in all our decision making. Every decision made has the client as the top priority. Not just project based, our relationships extended into our client's lives and theirs into ours. Our strong relationships extend between team members as well, which has built a trust that allows up to react quickly and cost effectively to our client's needs. Our clients appreciate the benefits of our ability to control cost and service from the strong relationships we have built.


Trust is key to our relationships and our integrity is something we protect with a passion. Trust is what allows us the ability to work with the same team members after many years and many projects. Trust is why we know our clients personally and why we are always looking out for their best interest.

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